History of Glamping

Glamping maybe a buzz word that you may have noticed popping up on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram lately and you may be asking yourself, “what in the world is Glamping and where did this craze ever come from”?

Even though sleeping in unique accommodations may be new to some, people have been sleeping in all kinds of temporary semi-permanent structures such as tents and yurts for hundreds of years.

Some of the earliest records date back to the 1100s, Mongolian tribes would live in yurts during Genghis Khan reign, providing an ideal shelter from strong winds, precipitation, and sun.

They would stay in safari tents, often furnished with antique furniture, real beds, Persian rugs, and luxury bedding. These traveling guest were not so keen on leaving the luxury of their homes and so this style of luxury camp continued. Giving them the experience of spectacular views, nature and all the luxuries to accompany them.

The next date in history was around the 1900s when wealthy Europeans and Americans wanted a taste of luxury on their camping adventures to Africa.

This style of guest accommodations became more and more popular with groups of wealthy people, until nearly a hundred years later, where this trend has gained in popularity not only in the UK but within the USA as well, 2013 is when Glamping was truly established as a full-fledged luxury experience.

Glamping is a perfect blend of nature, luxury, and comfort!

You will find that there are various options to choose from when you decide to go Glamping.  Unlike traditional camping, you can choose to sleep in a treehouse atop a large tree in a forest, a romantic gypsy wagon in a green lush field, to a cosmic getaway underneath the vast evening sky in a bubble tent. There are so many options to choose from and booking sites available online to aid you to find the perfect glamping site for your stay.

Unlike traditional camping of popup tents, sleeping bags, and outhouses, glamping offers unique sleeping quarters, with real furnishings and running water available for their guest.

Some glamping site locations offer room service, adventure tours, spa packages and more. The next time you are traveling and looking to try something new and unique, try a Glamping!

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Thinking about starting a Glamping Business in the USA?

The glamping business future is a “bright one” in the USA. Weekender’s and tourists are choosing to stay closer to home rather than booking a trip to a foreign destination.

Weekend Trips

With the right space, whether it’s large or small, it can be turned into a profitable “glamping site”.

There have been a variety of glamping business models that have been proven to be very successful. And in fact, one of the best-kept secrets in this industry is that some of those models can achieve a return on investment and pay for their set up costs anywhere within the first few months of launching, which is quite a bold claim for any new business.

Unique & Affordable Bubble Tents by Bubble Huts LLC

It offers an exciting new opportunity for entrepreneurs looking for a profitable business to start, which also brings benefits to their lifestyle as they are able to spend more time outside with less stress and more control over their future.

A benefit of starting a Glamping business are many, but specifically, it helps to diversify income generated from a piece of land and can be run alongside an existing business you may have.

And with the use of Airbnb’s popularity and booking platform, it makes a glamping business owners ability to begin booking guests to stay at their site.

Two popular sites that we recommend for business owners to use are Airbnb and the Glamping Hub online booking platform.

New businesses have the tools and knowledge available to them now, allowing them to learn quickly, build confidence, avoid pitfalls and jump ahead of the competition.

I recommend this book The “Ultimate Glamping Business Guide” written by S. Riley.

From my experience of helping new glamping businesses launch into the USA market, I have identified key areas that lead them to success.

One crucial factor is to remain unique and refrain from copying what everyone else is doing. Be original, use your imagination, create your site to be a place where you would want to spend an extended weekend or vacation at.

After all, that’s the beauty of a Glamping business: it comes in many different forms and fits different traveling budgets.

A satisfied customer will keep coming back for more and are more than happy to share with all of their friends and family members about their experience at your glamping business site. And let us not forget the power of social media!

If you have considered starting your own Glamping Business, consider using a High-Quality American-made Bubble Tent. Contact us for more details or visit our website at www.bubblehuts.com

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Bubble Tents & Bathrooms

Bubble Tents made into Mini Hotel Suites

High quality bubble tents can be used to create a mini hotel room for your guest to spend the nigh in. Having running water inside one of these tents isn’t impossible when you work directly with a reputable, trusted and preferred bubble tent manufacturer like Bubble Huts LLC. 

The knowledgeable and experienced staff a Bubble Huts LLC will be more than happy to answer your questions and to assist you with the design and layout of a tent you purchase from them.  

See what other “Glamping Site” owners have done with their bubble tents. 

Obviously your startup budget and the style of site you are going to have, will probably be the deciding factor in your decisions. The great news is, no matter your budget there is a bathroom design that can work for you. 

Its possible to have running water inside the tents.

Some have elaborate setups, while others go with the more simplistic bathrooms.

There are a few things to consider when setting up a private bathroom within a bubble tent. 

  • How many rooms will your bubble tent have? 
  • How large do I want the bathroom to be?
  • Will the bathroom includes a toilet, sink/vanity, shower or bathtub?
  • Will the site have running water and sewage?
  • Will the bubble tent be placed on decks?
  • What type of flooring will be in those tents?
Shower Room
Sink/Vanity with Toilet 

For glamping sites without running water or sewage, you can use a composting toilet or dry electric one. And a hand-washing basin with a water dispenser as seen in the photo below.

You can find plenty of ideas and options in creating a private bathroom for your guest that can fit any budget.

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Bison Peak Glamping Site Offers Bubble Tents to Guest!

bubble tents_bubble huts llc_ usa_ glamping_bubblevilla_airbnb_
Bubble Tents in Colorado

Bison Peak is one of a kind “glamping” site with a mission to help others

They believe that nature and recreation can be a “healing source” to those in need, especially when facing the issue of “PTSD”. Their mission is to partner with organizations that offer veterans and first responders therapy that remedies the effects of the PTSD.

PTSD is a disorder in which the person affected may experience fear or extreme anxiety even if there is no immediate threat present. It is developed as a result of traumatic and occasionally life-threatening experiences. PTSD dramatically impacts the daily lives of affected individuals as well as their families. Due to their line of work, first responders and war veterans are more often exposed to traumatic experiences, and therefore more at risk of suffering from PTS

Bison Peak Lodge facilities enhance partner organizations’ ability to serve those in need.

Whether fly fishing, hiking or strumming a guitar around a fireplace, we create a rejuvenating and memorable experience for every guest.

They have plenty of onsite activities to keep anyone busy, both young and old. Activities include Archery, Badminton, Fly Fishing, Frisbee Golf, Hiking, Hunting, Music, Painting, Sand Box, Snow Shoeing, Stargazing, Mountain and Road Biking and other activities. 

Their guest has various accommodations to choose from, bubble tents provided by Bubble Huts LLC is just one of them. 

Bubble Huts LLC _Bison Peak Lodge_
Bison Peak Lodge Glamping Site 
  • Tipis
  • Tent Camping
  • Conestoga Cabins
  • Bubble Tents
  • Tree Tents
  • Lodge Rental

Bison Peak Lodge in Colorado has partnered with both  501(c)3 non-profits, 
Challenge America and Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc.

If you would like more information about the Bison Peak Lodge or how you can partner with them, contact them at info@bisonpeakglamping.com


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Luxury Camps


Bubble Huts LLC- Superstition 2018_5

Bubble Huts LLC – American Bubble Tent Factory


Glamping has taken on its very own category in the travel industry. What had started out as a trend in Europe has turned into a full-blown phenomenon that is reaching all across the globe.

Glamping is a combination of the great outdoors and luxury similar to that of a 5-star hotel. There are different habitats and levels of luxury one can actually choose from for their traveling experience.

brown wooden bridge in the forest

Glamping allows travelers to connect with nature in their own way, and some Glamping sites are pushing the limits of how these travelers experience natural landscapes in comfort.

white canopy tent near coastline

Photo by suzukii xingfu on Pexels.com

Glamping sites range anywhere from a simple canvas tent set up in a wooded forest to an Ice Hotel in Sweden.


There multiple styles and destinations a traveler can choose from and websites to help you find what you are looking for.

The most popular places to do a search would be on http://www.glampinghub.com, http://www.glamping.com or http://www.airbnb.com are the three search platforms I would recommend to you.


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Landowners and Farmers are cashing in on the Glamping (Glamorous Camping) Craze!

houses in farm against cloudy sky

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The tourism and hospitality industries have seen a significant shift in rural travel trends with the growing popularity of Glamping being the driving force.

Glamping went from “joke” to a full-blown legitimate segment of the travel industry virtually overnight. Glamping started as sort of a joking way to poke fun at those who would only go camping if they could bring along all the comforts of home.

Glamping has revolutionized camping and many traditional hospitality companies are diversifying by offering “Luxury Camping” options at many of their resorts in an attempt to satisfy the demand.

Bubble tents can also be used as an upgrade option or even as a way to differentiate themselves from the ever-increasing competition.


Farmers and Landowners are quickly realizing how they are ideally positioned to fill the increasingly underserved demand in the hospitality market within these often remote locations and are cashing in on the craze.

More people than ever are seeking to escape the urban jungle by taking short weekend trips to rural areas offering unique accommodations that allow them to be immersed with nature without sacrificing the luxuries of a hotel room.

woman in white sleeveless mini dress standing between grass field

Photo by Alex Fu on Pexels.com

A bubble tent by Bubble Huts LLC offers just that!

Bubble Tents are designed either all clear or with a privacy option allowing for guests to be up-close and personal with nature while providing a 360-degree unobstructed view of the night sky for the ultimate stargazing experience while lying comfortably in bed.

Bubble Huts LLC- Superstition 2018_ 3

With Bubble Tents renting for as much as $200 per night on Airbnb, many savvy farmers and landowners have discovered that by hosting Glampers on their properties they can diversify their income streams, and insulate themselves from some of the risks associated with farming such as poor crop yields due to unpredictable weather.

Rural areas are also becoming increasingly popular destinations for corporate retreats, wedding parties, family gatherings and countless other groups looking for the perfect setting to host their events.

photo of couple holding umbrella while kissing

Photo by Jennifer Murray on Pexels.com

Farmers, landowners, and other rural entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this trend by offering a multitude of hospitality options, combined with a dizzying array of activities to create amazing experiences that form lasting memories and keep their guests returning year after year.

Rural tourism not only provides an essential contribution to the local economy, but it also creates employment opportunities where jobs can be scarce or require traveling great distances to acquire.

afterglow agriculture back light cereal

Photo by Felix Mittermeier on Pexels.com

If you would like more information about how a bubble tent created by Bubble Huts LLC  can help you to cash in on the Glamping craze visit us at www. bubblehuts.com, email info@bubblehuts.com or call 1.866-360-6370.

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Wadi Rum Luxury Camp & Tours

 Image result for wadi rum jordan bubble tents

A perfect combination of Landscapes & Nature with all the Luxury of a Hotel

This destination hotspot offers their guest different styles of accommodations for there guest.

Unlike other glamping sites, this one offers their guest the choice between a Canvas Glamping Tents or a Bubble Tent.

Image result for wadi rum night luxury camp


Full of Stars is the highlight of the sleeping suites this site has to offer.

Image result for bathroom in bubble tent

A night sky Full of Stars is precisely what you will receive sleeping in this tent!

The bubble tent includes a king size bed and bathroom with a shower as well.


Enjoy an authentic Jordanian meal in one of our luxury tents, or have your food served outside under the beautiful Wadi Rum desert sky.

The meals are prepared for the guest by one of their private chefs.

It’s an experience you will remember for a lifetime!

If you are looking for an adventure, they have that for you too. Wadi Rum Night can arrange activities and excursions in Wadi Rum protected area including:
•Camel Ride
•4×4 Ride
•Sand Board
•Nomad Visit
•Jeep Adventure

There are two packages you can choose from:

Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp Location

Wadi Rum Night Luxury Desert Camp at Wadi Rum Protected Area offers the highest luxury, consisting of 25 tents, with a restaurant tent and a sitting tent.

It is 8 km from Rum Village and Visitors’ Centre inside the protected area (15 minutes’ drive), 10 minutes’ walk from the highest dune in Wadi Rum Protected Area, and 10 minutes’ walk from Jebel Annafishiya rock inscriptions.

If you are looking for a unique adventure in the sands of JORDAN, spend some time here.

For direct contact send an e-mail to: info@wadirumnight.com

You can also reach them by phone or send a telefax to the following numbers:

Tel: +962 – 3 – 215 70 70
Mobile:  +962 -792 815 515
Fax: +962 – 3 – 215 9 215


Image result for wadi rum jordan bubble tents

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